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to allow you to see our different styles and the quality of our materials.
You can pick different elements from a variety of jewelry and order a custommade piece.

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N001 $49.95

N002 $69.99

N003 $49.95

N005 $79.95

necklace 6
N006 $0.00


N009 $44.95

necklace 11
N011 $0.00

necklace 12
N012 $89.95


N014 $69.99



N019 $49.99


N021 $84.95

N028 $51.95

brown topaz
N030 $49.95

N031 $68.95

N035 $39.95

purple crystal
N036 $63.95


N038 $49.95

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N007 $29.99

pink crystal
N008 $44.95

Picassa airplane
N010 $44.95

Delicate Blue/silver
N015 $29.95

Blue multistrand seed w/ porcelain centerpiece

N018 $39.99


Jade Medallion earth tones

N022 $74.95

Yellow murano glass

N024 $34.95

Blue Murano glass

N025 $34.95

pink Mother of pearl

N026 $49.95

turqoise and Silver Choker

N033 $61.95


Emerald and gold

N037 $49.95

Black and Yellow Lariat

N045 $44.95

Pink Pearls

N046 $44.95

Fuschia heart

N047 $34.95

Blue heart

N048 $ 34.95

red crystal chandalier drop

N051 $62.95

turquoise heart on silver chain

N053 $99.95


N054 $ 44.95

onyx silver choker

N055 $44.95

gold deep blue heart pendant

N056 $44.95

Gold and pearl

N061 $59.95

Silver and amazonite turqoise dainty

N062 $32.95

vintage gold and pale yellow


vintage gold and pale yellow

N066 $54.95

yellow turquoise

N067 $42.95

olive pearl vintage turquoise

N068 $32.95

large turquoise and gold

N070 $79.95

Carillion Gold

N039 $42.95

Montana swarovski gems

N049 $72.95

large turquoise and silver

N069 $54.95

Turquoise and Gold

N073 $39.95

Lampwork Plum and Sage

N076 $119.95

Stamped Sterling Silver

N082 $84.95

Oblong Turquoise & antique Sterling Silver with a turquoise clasp

N084 $54.95

Sterling Silver With crystal Swarovski drops

N085 $34.95

Sterling Silver lacy chain With three Swarovski crystal drops

N086 $39.95

Chrysoprase & Sterling Silver choker.

N087 $54.95


N023 $39.95

Amazonite Choker with Bali silver

N027 $59.95

Mother-of-pearl and red spikey choker

N058 $14.95

plum green and magenta with gold dangly

N059 $64.95


vintage gold and pale yellow

N065 $32.95



N071 $74.95


Rhodonite and Onyx pendant

N075 $24.95

Faceted lavender

N079 $79.95

Faceted lavender

N080 $49.95

Murano Glass leaf Pendant withOnyx and Rhodonite

N083 $54.95

Sterling Silver & Copper with Designer-signed pendant.

N088 $149.95

Pink MOP pendant

N101 $44.95

Lg Bali pendant

N102 $79.95

Lemon Quartz

N103 $69.95

3 strand pink Swarovski

N105 $64.95

Sky blue Quartz

N107 $64.95

Blue Calcite Bali Heart

N109 $79.95

Aqua and Turquoise  Swarovski

N110 $74.95

Funky designer ceramic

N112 $44.95

4 tier crystal copper

N113, $34.95

Onyx and jet swarovski

N114 $84.95

blue woven crystal

N004 $149.99

Black hematite with purse pendant

N029 $64.95

Aqua Crystal with pale blue drop

N032 $59.95

rhodonite and Onyx

N074 $69.95

Mother of Pearl Lavender & Swarovski Crystals

N077 $119.95

Handmade resin Bead

N078 $49.95

turqoise amazonite swirly and silver

N057 $44.95

N0118 $59.95

Designer Pendant in Gold

N111 $74.95

Onyx and Rhodonite

N115 $49.95

N0120 $89.95

Swarovski Champagne

N108 $49.95

Jet swarovski

N104 $52.95

White Swarovski

N106 $61.95

pink Lariat

N034 $49.95

Amethyst Lairat with indian silver

N117 $84.95

Earthtone Jasper choker with lg oval

N060 $32.95

Red Coral with

N0119 $79.95

Pink & Black designer Ceramic

N0121 $74.95

N0122 $54.95

Amazonite Teardrops and Rondelles

N0126 $34.95

Faceted lavender

N081 $99.95

Cognac Citrine Quartz with medallion and gold foil accents.

N089 $224.95

Sponge Coral with Morano Venetian glass rectangle

N0123 $59.95

Black and White Pendant on Howlite&Sterling Silver Strand

N0124 $44.95

Amazonite Rondelles Sterling Silver Stardust SilverSwarovski Crystal rondelles

N0125 $44.95

N0135 39.95

N0197, $63.95


N0196, $54.9

N0192, $99.95

N0136 $44.95

N0142 $40.00

N0146 $56.00

B0190, $56.95

N0191, $98.95

N0193, $29.95

N0148 $47.95

N0154 $119.95

N0155 $24.95

N0186 $__.__

N0188, $44.95

N0195, $59.95

N0157 $54.95

N0158 $29.95

mayan scroll, gold

N052 $69.95

N0181 Sold $84.95


N0182, $59.95

N0185, $89.95 sold

Amethyst Swarovski with gold filled and vermeil accents. Gold filled clasp. Non tarnish ovals.
N0160 $44.95

Five plum & green lampwork bead dangles suspended from heavy sterling silver fancy link chain.  17


Amethyst swarovski

N116 $79.95

N0178, $84.95


N0180, $84.95

Cory Selaya Clay

N016 $49.99

 2 strand fuchsia swarovski and rhodonite

N050 $53.95

Cranberry Velvet

N072 $58.95

N0140 $40.00
N0143 $85.00
Sold N0153 $32.95


N0150 $48.95

N0151 $ 69.95


Blue peruvian Opal.

N0159 $89.95


N0162 $29.95


N0163 $39.95



N0168 $84.95


N0169 $

N0170, $79.95

N0172, $



N0173, $37.95 sold


N0174 $54.95































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bracelet 6

B006 $00.00

B007 $39.95

B008 $24.95


B010 $0.00

B011 $24.95


B013 $39.95


B014 $44.95



B015 $14.95


B017 $39.95



B018 $48.00


B019 $19.95

bracelette 020




B023 $24.95

B024 $44.95

B026 $44.95

B028 $34.95


B030 $54.95


B001 $39.95

Kiwi Quartz

B002 $24.95

Green jasper and Silver
B009 $49.95 

bracelette 021
B021 $19.95

turqoise and silver

B025 $36.95

Emerald and gold

B027 $36.95

Red cubes and crystal

B032 $ 34.95

topaz and gold

B035 $49.95

topaz and gold

B036 $__.__

pale yelow  gold vintage

B037 $29.95

Montana Blue and champagne pearls

B039 $34.95

montana blue ans silver 2 strand

B042 $44.95

Large round turquoise and gold

B044 $78.95

Large turquoise and silver

B048 $62.95


swarovski crystal and silver


pink Mother-of-pearl with gold CZ clasp

B004 $49.95

Turqoise and copper

B012 $22.95

brick stich mauves and plums

B016 24.95

Blue and green mulit strand

B022 $19.95

Onyx ansilver and unique clasp

B029 $47.95

2 strand onyx and silver

B040 $32.95

Bali silver and white topaz

B045 $69.95

two strand gold and Montana

B047 $44.95

silvertubes,and heart clasp

B049 $44.95

B051 $32.95

B056 $57.95

Gold and Crystal

B005 $79.95

Large round onyx and silver

B041 $32.95

B055 $39.95

B057 $54.95

B058 $74.95


oblong turquoise and Bali Silver

B060 $68.95

Amazonite, Sterling Silver and Onyx

B061 $42.95

Rhodonite,rhinestone and sterling Silver

B062 $34.95

light blue calcite

B072 $ 24.95

Turquoise & designer celery

B073 $ 49.95

Sterling Siver  Bali Heart

B074 $ 69.95

Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystal

B076 $ 57.95

B077 $ 49.95

Peach Hematite &Aurora Borealis  Swarovski

B078 $ 39.95

white swarovski Pearls

B081 $ 41.95

Swarovski crystals and Gold filled

B083 $ 64.95

Sky Blue Quartz

B084 $ 44.95

Topaz Swarovski

B085 $ 46.95

small round Howlite

B087 $ 29.95

magnetic hematite  crystal 3 strand

B043 $49.95

B054 $49.95

Swarovski white pearl and sterling silver

B079 $ 31.95

yellow and rust ethnic

B046 $21.95

rhodonite & onyx

B052 $64.95

Red heart buckle crystal

B034 $41.95

B090 $49.95

B091 $39.95

B092 $52.95

B093 $34.95

Onyx & Gold filled

B070 $ 41.95

3 strand white swarovski pearls

B080 $ 64.95

Faceted Smoky topaz

B082 $ 41.95

Earth wood and Jasper hearts

B086 $ 24.95

Red Coral with bali silver tubes

B094 $44.95

Pink& black designer ceramic,

B095 $44.95

Designer Plum/Green lampwork beads with Bali silver tubes.

B109 $59.95


Emerald green jade and cat's eye with copper accents.

B110 $19.95

Jet Hematite with Aurora Borealis Swarovski rounds with Bali silver accents and beads. Heavy sterling scroll clasp.

B111 $52.95

Onyx beads with crystal rondelles and a unique key

B0112 $44.95

Peach and gold dichroic glass bead, with Bali vermeil tubes and accents.

B0115 $47.95

Sterling Silver and Copper

B0117 $54.95

Fuchsia Clay

B003 $19.95

Fuchsia 2 strand love charm

B033 $39.95

B053 $64.95

Howlite and Sterling Silver

B059 $44.95

Red Swarovski & sterling silver

B075 $ 43.95

Sponge Coral and Antique Gold

B096 $34.95

Smaller Onyx Beads

B0113 $34.95

Designer mosaic purple ovals with Bali

B0119 $44.95

Smoky Quartz

B0124, $44.95

Natural Quartz

B0125, $49.95

Lapis Lazuli

B0126, $59.95

Emerald and Jade

B0127, $59.95

Green Turqouise and Gold

B0128, $74.95

B0130 $ 41.95


Resin,Ceramic and gold

B0131, $39.95

Lemon jade and LapisLazuli

B0132, $39.95

Pink Crackleglass and Swarovski

B0135, $49.95

Green Jasper and Crimson chinese Crystal

B0136, $39.95

Red Jade

B0137, $47.95

Swarovski pearls and crystals

B0138, $48.95

New Jade and sterling silver

B0140, $57.95

Peach swarovski

B0142, $49.95

Lampwork and sterling silver

B0143, $48.95

Copperand silver


Creme pearls and rondelles

B0145, $44.95

Bali silver

B0146, $79.95

Amazonite and Sterling Silver

B0147, $46.95

sterling Siolver and montana swarovsi

B0149, $49.95

B0150, $44.95

B0152, $39.95

B0CP001, $65.00

B0CP002, $65.00

B0CP003, $65.00

B0CP005, $65.00

Lime Turquoise, Copper

B0134, $34.95


Swarovski pearl and rondelles

B0139, $48.95


B0151, $44.95








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Baby Bracelettes

.BB001 $17.95
. BB002 $17.95
. BB003 $19.95
. BB004 $17.95
BB005 $17.95
. BB006 $17.95
. BB007 $17.95
. BB008 $17.95
. BB009 $17.95


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E001 $14.95
E002 $9.95
E010 $22.95
E011 $24.95
E016 $19.95
E017 $14.95
E020 $29.95
Turqoise Dangle
Black Cube
E027 $22.95
E030 $21.95
Brown Topaz
Turqoise class
Crystal Cube
E031 $19.95
E033 $14.95
E035 $21.95
Silver butterfly
copper and silver asymetrical
Kiwi quartz
E039 22.95
E003 $18.95
E005 $14.95
picassa and gold
Silver cube
E009 $14.95
E024 $21.95
E025 $21.95
Gold Cube
Mother of pearl dangle
Silver butterfly
E029 $24.95
E032 $27.95
E034 $17.95
Topaz Gold
Earthtones Chandalier
Silver Magenta
E038 $18.95
E039 22.95
E040 $14.95
champagne pearl,montana,silver
olive pearl and vintageturquoise accents
silver montana and crystals
E043 $19.95
E044 $21.95
E045 $21.95
Montana and silver
pink crystal cubes and swarovski red glass and silver
E047 $21.95
E011 $24.95
E018 $14.95
clear crystal bicones and silver
Carnelian and gold
E022 $19.95
E026 $24.95
E028 $19.95
confetti shell coin and silver
swarovski alabaster
Turquoise and gold  confetti with dangling gold foil chains
E042 $19.95
E046 $24.95
E049 $19.95
Sapphire blue Swarovski on Sterling Silver posts
Plum Swarovski crystals onfancy gold foil posts
Crystal Swarovski on Sterling silver posts
E052 $21.95
E055 $34.95
E056 $21.95
copper Aurora Borealis Swarovskis on gold foil posts
lampwork plum & sage  with sterling silver on sterling silver posts
Turquoise Nuggets on turquoise/Sterling silver posts
E057 $19.95
E058 $21.95
E059 $21.95
Antique sterling Silver Flower beads  with turquoise accents on French hooks
Rhodonite & Onyx Triple Dangles on French hooks
Sapphire and pumpkin Lampwork with swarovski and Sterling silver posts
E060 $19.95
E061 $21.95
E062 $21.95
Siam Cubes and Swarovski Crystala on French hook
topaz, peridot,and Jonquil Swarovski drops  on french hooks
Murano Glass gold foil on gold foil post
E063 $21.95
E064 $29.95
E053 $17.95
Plum and sage Swarovski crystals with rhinestone accents
Jonquil & Jet swarovski Pink Swarovski & pearl
E050 $24.95
E070 $28.95 E071 $29.95
Sky Blue quartz Aqua turquoise Swarovskis chandelier Lt. Amethyst swarovski
E072 $24.95 E074 $31.95 E075 $29.95
Crystals,Copper and Silver
copper and Silver with swarovski
Copper and Silver on triple hooks
E076 $26.95 E077 $21.95 E078 $28.95
Sterling Silver and amazonite
Sterling Silver Bali rondelles Crystal Swarovskis and rhinestone
E080 $24.95 E082 $21.95 E083 $22.95
Swarovski Crystal and Gold
Onyx and Swarovski crystals
Sterling Silver Bali
E084 $24.95 E086 $24.95
E087 $29.95
Blue Calcite with opal
yellow and rust ethnic
Turquoise Dyed Mother of Pearl shell on Sterling silver hooks
E088 $19.95
E041 $14.95
E054 $14.95
Champagne  Pearl and flowers smoky topaz swarovski
E095 $19.95 E073 $21.95 E090 $24.95
large 2 loop green dangles Black and gold asian print Red Coral with Sterling Silver wire wrap and lever backs
E008 $22.95 E015 $14.95 E093 $27.95
Rhodonite and Sterling Silver with Lever back pink&black Ceramic Sterling Silver swarovski crystal & pearl chandalier on Sterling
E094 $21.95 E098 $29.95 E0100 $34.95
Montana Swarovski cubes with Swarovski Pearls and Accents on sterling Silver lever backs Swarovski Clear Crystals Sterling Silver stardust silver on Sterling silver french hooks Red swaorovski with Bali
Sold E0104 $24.95 Sold E0106 $24.95 E079 $19.95
midnigfht goldstone and crystal cube Picassa Ceramic Rondelles red coral & silver
E004 $14.95 E092 $21.95 E097 $21.95
sponge coral, jonquil & olive swarovski , chandalier gold filled posts howlite & alabaster swarovskis Sterling Sliver posts Amazonite on Sterling silver ball posts with Swarovski Crystals
E099 $34.95 E0101 $19.95 E0107 $29.95
Green cats eye Siam Swarovski large bicone and hearts on sterling silver posts. Onyx rounds with crystal rondelles on antique Sterling silver french hooks.
E0108 $19.95 E0109 $24.95 E0110 $24.95
Silver and copper drops on Sterling silver lever backs. Emerald Swarovski cubes on Non Tarnish brass rings on Gold-filled lever backs, Gold ceramic.
E0117 $24.95 E0118 $27.95 E0121 $21.95
Black &white polka dot beads with onyx on Sterling silver Blue peruvian Opal, small genuine turquoise Sterling silver Bali swirl bead with geniune turquoise accents on SS leverbacks.
E0122 $19.95 E0123 $29.95 E0124 $19.95
light and dark blue crystal
Turqoise bicones and silver
Cranberry velvet and Gold
E006 $18.95 E019 $14.95 E048 $21.95
Rhodonite and Onyx  with French hoops
swarovski Crystals and gold  with hooks
Ametyhst and Swarovski
E051 $27.95 E085 $28.95 E089 $24.95
Onyx and Siam Swarovski
designer pendants ,howlite and sterling silver
Montana Swarovski with gold filled accents and posts
E091 $19.95 E0102 $19.95
E0103 $24.95
Gold Filled balls with antique gold accents on gold filled ball posts
Genuine Amethyst and light amethyst Swarovski crystals suspend from gold filled spirals and chain.  On gold filled posts.  3
Rose Quartz triple dangle with crystal Aurora Borealis squaredelles and bicones, on Sterling silver leverbacks. <empty>
E0105 $21.95
E0113 $__.__
E0116 $29.95
Onyx rounds with crystal rondelles and stardust Sterling silver ball on Sterling silver level backs .
E0120 $21.95
E0126, $29.95
E0127, $34.95
Natural Quartz
Light Siamand Sterling Silver
Onyx and gold filled accents
E0128, $21.95
E0130, $19.95
E0131, $19.95
E0133 $pri.ce
E0134, $21.95
Sold E0137, $pri.ce
E0138, $pri.ce
E0144, $21.95
E0145, $26.95
E0139, $pri.ce
E0141, $pri.ce
E0143, $14.95
E0149, $21.95
E0150, $pri.ce
SOLD E0151, $23.95
Sold E0154, $31.95
E0155, $21.95
E0156, $pri.ce
E0158 $21.95
E0159 $19.95
E0160 $21.95


E0161 $26.95
E0153 $22.95







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silver and jade crystal
A003 $34.95
swarovski crystal and gold
swarovski crystal and silver
A004 $39.95
A005 $39.95
A008 $49.95
Sterling silver and Crystal swarovski
Aqua swarovski sterling silver
A011 $34.95
A013 $ 44.95
A014 $ 44.95
Swarovski Crystals and gold
A012 $39.95
A016 $44.95
A017 $44.94
A018 $39.95
A0019, $34.95

Turquoise Tubes & chips with sterling Silver'

A010 $29.95

A020, $32.95

A021, $47.95


















































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ID Badge Hangers

silver and blue goldstone hearts
IDBH001 $44.95
IDBH002 $44.95
IDBH003 $44.95
lanyard #5
IDBH004 $44.95
lanyard #7
gold and crystal donna
IDBH007 $64.95
IDBH008 $54.95
IDBH009 $44.95
montana and pearl ,silver
montana with lacy gold connectors
ruby montana and gold
IDBH013 $ 54.95
IDBH015 $54.95
IDBH017 $59.95 
pearl,montana and silver
Silver,montana,flower pendant
IDBH 020 $47.95
IDBH 021 $44.95
onyx and silver
IDBH024 $79.95 IDBH016 $54.95 IDBH019 $54.95
Sterling Silver  and crystal
Purple Jasper and lavender glass
IDBH032 $79.95 IDBH033 $ 32.95 IDBH034 $79.95
amazonite and turqoise ,silver
Three Shades of Blue, Sodolite.
Bali Silver , Montana Swarovski, and Vintage Lucite hoop
IDBH014 $54.95 IDBH025 $34.95 IDBH026 $34.95
Rustic copper with goldstone tubes and navy blue accents
Light and Dark Blue Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Montana
IDBH023 $34.95
IDBH035 $44.95
IDBH039 $69.95
Gold Filled and Montana Swarovski with Crystal Aurora borealis Gold and Crystal with beaded ring swarovski alabaster and silver
IDBH040 $46.95 IDBH031 $ 34.95 IDBH018 $69.95
Red Coral and Bali Silver
IDBH036 $79.95 IDBH041 $45.00 IDBH044 $39.95
Sterling and Bali Silver with Swarovski crystals and magnetic clasp
IDBH0048, $79.95 IDBH037 $87.95 IDBH038 $39.95
IDBH045 $74.95 IDBH0046,$59.95 IDBH0047, $44.95

IDBH043 $79.95

R008, $24.95

R011 $19.95










































































































































































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Watches ,Rings
Eyeglass holders

pearl and silver cube watch Copper watch soft peach freshwater pearls
W001 $34.95 W002 $34.95 W003 $ 39.95
Interchangable band of Montana Swarovskis and Gold Filled accents
W004 $39.95 W006 $45.00 W005 $70.00
ring 003
blue siver
R002 $7.95 R003 $14.95 R004 $14.95
sold R005, $29.95 Sold R006 R007, $19.95
Aqua swarovski
R009 R010, $24.95  
Blue cubes eyeglass holder
EH001 $ 22.95 EH002 $34.95 EH003 $39.95 new!
  EH004 $69.95  



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Photo Books









PB0002 sold
PB0003 sold










PB0004 sold
PB0006 sold

















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